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Choosing the right spa: questions to ask yourself before buying

Having a spa installed at home is the promise of pleasant moments of relaxation. The options are numerous and very attractive, but the price can quickly climb. Choice of model and equipment, cost of installation, maintenance, price ... A brief overview of the questions to ask yourself to relax in peace.

The spa is no longer reserved for hotels, thalassos and other wellness centers. This equipment entirely dedicated to relaxation has made a place of choice at home, attracting an ever wider audience. Accessible for a few hundred euros for inflatable models, this hot tub can be installed both indoors and outdoors. But given the wide choice available to us, it can be difficult to navigate. The first step is to determine the use you want to make of your spa.

What use for your spa?

This is the first question to ask yourself: how do you want to use your spa? The answer will partly determine the choice of model, its location, but also the equipment to be provided. So start by thinking about the use you want to make of it.

Do you want a spa to relax you? Enjoy a moment of well-being, and be able to relax in a hot and bubbling bath? Conversely, do you want a swim spa to exercise all year round? Would you like to install a spa to relieve pain? Do you see your spa as the perfect complement to your swimming pool? Would you like to enjoy it for two or make it a fun place for the children? The options are numerous and the objective is to carry out a tailor-made project, which perfectly matches your desires and your needs.


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